Your Connection to Optimized Workforce Solutions

Your growing team needs the right people to succeed. You turn to staffing, but the typical staffing vendor’s process is complicated, confusing and clumsy. You run a high risk of hiring the wrong person, making this headache even more costly.

Medix’s partners often describe effective workforce management as a blended combination of people, process and technology, and we’re proud that we tap into all three to provide you with the best talent and solutions.

Defining Your Needs - Engaging Our Market Knowledge

Medix thoroughly understands your market, as well as its challenges and opportunities, through our Economic Intelligence tool. Coupled with Job Intelligence, we have a thorough picture of the positions and the qualities a successful candidate should possess, as well as comprehensive background knowledge to help guide your decision making.

Additionally, our Aha! digital platform allows you to build a job request as detailed as you want, to further guide us as to who your ideal teammate is.

Sourcing - Using Machine Learning to Find and Match Candidates

Medix has automated sourcing activities by matching candidates to open roles based on natural language and machine learning. This means we’re equipped to find candidates with the best skills match no matter how large of a skills gap you face.

Screening and Selection - Pinpointing Top Talent with the Right Skills

Between Medix’s strategic sourcing, in-depth interviewing process and proprietary behavioral assessment, we’re able to discover who the candidates really is behind the resume and if he/she will truly be successful within your team. We’ll provide you a candidate summary, detailing the candidate’s hard skills, soft skills and unique traits, so you have a full picture of who the person is to help you make your decision.

Post-Placement - Continuing Support to Help You Achieve More with Your Team

You have your team in place, but now the challenge is keeping them engaged and productive, while you plan future initiatives and growth.

After you hire talent from us, Medix will continue to support you in the management and future growth of your team.

Learn how to communicate and manage your new teammates more efficiently to help them become productive faster with our Collaboration Report. Then help your team stay engaged and productive with our custom SMS and email tool that will allow you to send reminders and recognition of milestones.

Finally, through Medix’s self-serve analytics and business intelligence, you can identify trends and opportunities, manage costs and plan your workforce needs through Aha!, Medix’s digital platform.