Medix IT Epic Practice

Whether you’re selecting an EHR, planning your implementation, building your solution, going live, or maintaining and optimizing your system, you need an experienced partner to support your workforce needs. After all, your people are your biggest asset.

Medix IT thoroughly understands the Epic lifecycle and client’s unique requirements at every stage. Our team can lock arms with your health system at any point to help you anticipate and proactively address upcoming needs rather than react to them and risk budget overages and timeline delays.

Our extensive experience, methodologies, data and tools can be applied to your implementation. We have certified more than 400 consultants for Epic clients and placed more than 1,100 experienced resources at 120 health systems in the United States and Canada since 2009. We provide clients with the knowledge and expertise they need, when they need it.

Workforce Planning

The most crucial component of your Epic implementation is your team. Ultimately, the team you select to support your implementation will determine the success of your entire initiative. You need an organization who understands how to optimally build your Epic workforce plan to ensure you have the talent you need when you need it to meet critical milestones.

You have one opportunity to get this right. How many internal transfers, and who? How many external hires? How many consultants and when? You need a partner who can guide you through this complex process. From Staffing Plan Analysis, to proven talent assessments, Medix IT will work with you to build a workforce plan that helps ensure a successful Epic implementation.

  • Pre-implementation planning
  • Workforce planning risk assessment and evaluation
  • Epic Staffing Plan Evaluation/Validation
  • Medix Intelligence® employee assessments (internal and external)

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MedixDirect® - New Implementation

100 percent certified local talent, no certification costs, no travel expenses, no cost-to-convert.

Your selection of Epic provides a huge opportunity to impact your hospital’s outcomes and costs – with that comes big budget, big expectations and big risk.

Your success rests upon building the right implementation team. However, standard hiring techniques – the matching of resumes and job descriptions – provides you only a small chance of finding the right teammate.

You need a partner to help you dig deeper into candidates to screen more effectively and build high-productivity teams from both internal and external talent.

MedixDirect® is a unique workforce solution designed to reduce the risks of an Epic implementation through our analytics-based hiring method. We identify the profile of top performers in your organization and then qualify external candidates who fit your corporate culture and match those aptitudes and competencies. MedixDirect® delivers certified talent at 40 percent of the cost of a traditional Epic consultant and allows you to convert those resources to a permanent role at the end of the contract. Together, we create a team of high-performing individuals who can help ensure your Epic implementation is seamless.

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MedixDirect® - Post-Live

Epic has delivered massive value to your health system; costs are down, and outcomes are better. However, a backlog of work, needed enhancements and the effects of attrition are starting to be felt, and it’s impacting your system. You need to keep a sustainable and productive team to ensure the system continues to perform.

When a successful team has a vacancy, you need the right new teammate to keep that team efficient and productive. How have other Epic hospitals overcome this? They employed Medix IT’s talent and job intelligence databases to baseline their organization’s needs. Medix IT customers are presented with a pre-screened list of top talent ready to join and bolster the optimal team. From there, your new teammates will go through certification in Verona, Wisconsin with all costs covered by Medix IT.

When working with Medix IT, you can overcome your hiring challenges to sustain a productive team who will maintain Epic’s value within your health system.

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Strategic Staffing

Teams grow, needs change and turnover hits. Disruption in your team can be felt throughout your organization, so you need a sustainable and efficient workforce partner to ensure your team continues to thrive.

Your experienced-based hiring method – the matching of resumes and job descriptions – only gives you a small chance in finding the right candidate. With Medix IT’s extensive pipeline and proven analytical hiring method, you can fill the void in your team with prescreened, top talent.

Epic Modules of Expertise:

  • Inpatient: ASAP, Stork, Clin Doc, Orders
  • Outpatient: Ambulatory, Home Health, Hospice, Healthy Planet, MyChart
  • Ancillary: Optime, Anesthesia, Beacon, Beaker, Cupid, Radiant, Willow
  • Revenue Cycle/Patient Access: Grand Central, Prelude, Cadence, Bedtime, HIM, Resolute HB, Resolute PB
  • Enterprise Architecture: Bridges, Cache, Cogito, Caboodle, Reporting Workbench, Security

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Training and Go-Live

In order to see success and value from your new EHR, your hard work and thoughtful planning requires exceptional execution of your activation plan. In order to execute a comprehensive knowledge transfer, you will need the right team in place to ensure each user has been properly trained.

The Medix IT’s Training and Go-Live workforce solution will quickly identify talent in your local market and match them with the highest performers in your hospital, giving you newly credentialed talent who will contribute to your high-performing team.

The training and go-live talent provided from Medix IT will enhance knowledge transfer for your long-term support team, and increase efficiency while lowering hiring costs, thus creating a sustainable workforce during this massive milestone. At the end of the go-live, you will be able to hire any or all of the consultants we supply onto your own payroll.

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Reporting and Analytics

The amount of information generated on hospital networks is increasing daily, meaning it’s time to leverage your data to improve operational efficiency and patient satisfaction. Now more than ever, the pressure is on to lower costs and invest in value-based, patient-centric care.

Turning data into actionable information is a functional area of expertise for Medix IT. Our talent help you use technology to drive business intelligence and analytics throughout your healthcare organization. Allow our experts to collaborate with your leadership team to cultivate and implement a business intelligence solution.

International Workforce Solutions

As Epic widens its global reach, health systems everywhere have begun experiencing the opportunities, challenges and benefits of implementing and adopting this world class EHR.

Armed with a thorough knowledge of Epic, the Medix IT team expands our expertise globally and customizes our proprietary workforce solutions and recruitment methodology to your unique health system, creating local jobs with local certified talent.