Nothing says holidays quite like cookies, pie and comfort food! The downside? That number ticking higher on the scale. Sometimes work might even seem like a battle zone with everyone bringing special treats or leftover snacks. But fear not if you’re watching your waistline; there are ways you can fight those holiday pounds at work!

Group Fitness with Coworkers

Chances are you’re not the only one trying to avoid holiday weight gain like the plague. Get a group of coworkers together and join a fitness class or just go to the gym together. Try to encourage each other and stay on track together; it’s easier than trying by yourself!

Healthy Food Options

You can’t avoid your office kitchen for a month, but seeing all of the delicious treats can be too tempting. If you can’t beat them, join them – in a healthy way! Bring in fruit or a veggie dish to pass; that way you won’t feel left out the next time your coworkers are enjoying treats in the kitchen.

Walk to Lunch

If you’re fortunate enough to have restaurants around your office location, try walking to them for lunch for an extra calorie burn. Yes, the weather in December isn’t ideal walking weather, but if you put on some gloves and button up your coat, that five minute walk won’t seem like a big deal.

Holiday weight gain doesn’t have to be inevitable. Yes, weight is a lot harder to maintain this time of the year, but it’s not impossible if you pay attention, know what to avoid and how to fight back.