Another holiday season has come and gone, leaving in its wake remnants of tinsel, empty cookie trays, piles of credit card bills from expensive presents, dark walls once lit by colorful lights and the results of the holiday calorie surplus. How depressing. This January, don’t let the post-holiday blues get to you; fight it at work with your coworkers.

Celebrate the Little Things

One of the aspects most people miss about the holiday season is the anticipation and celebration. Does one of your coworkers have an anniversary with your organization coming up? Go to happy hour! Are you a big fan of Presidents’ Day? Bring in a snack! Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else to celebrate or look forward to in January.

Join a Group Fitness Class

Holiday pounds got you down? You’re definitely not alone. Get a group of your coworkers and join a group fitness class together. Not only will you shed the extra holiday weight, you will bond and have fun with your colleagues outside of work.

Embrace the Season

Winter is here whether you love the cold or not, so don’t fight it, join in on the fun. This winter, find fun activities to participate in with your coworkers, like getting a hot bowl of soup from your favorite lunch spot or simply enjoying a cup of hot chocolate together in the break room.

January can be depressing; it’s cold, dark and the holiday season is over, but you can still enjoy it, so make an effort to fight your post-holiday gloom with your coworkers this winter.