Work without passion is draining. While it’s true that some roles are taken out of necessity (timing is everything, right?), there’s a difference between simply finishing tasks in order to get through the day and embracing meaningful work with long term career goals in mind.
However, the more time spent in a particular role, the harder it is to imagine starting on a new path. Routines have a stickiness about them, a gravitational pull of familiarity that sets in slowly. Once the journey down a particular career path has begun, it can feel as though you are stuck. After all, you need to work to make money, and the experience you’re currently gaining, which would allow you to find a new job, applies to the role you currently have.  How do you get unstuck from the wrong career path?
Here are our top tips for making a shift and finding a new way towards your career goals:
Break Routine
Up in the morning, in the office at one time, out at another, then back to bed – the familiarity of a daily routine can be comforting in its repetitiveness. Yet, this predictable pattern can contribute to the feeling of being stuck in a job. The first step to getting unstuck is to break your routine. There are numerous ways to achieve this, whether by adding a new workout routine to your morning or scheduling time for reading over lunch. Take the first step towards something new and mix up your daily routine!
 Expand Through Education
If you’re looking to transition into a new role, there may be options for continued education offered through your current company. If not, there are lots of other ways to find further education and prepare for a new role. If you’re interested in design, try signing up for a class at a local library. Looking to learn leadership skills? Sign up for a free webinar!
The idea is to either dig in or dig out. By digging in, you can take a deep-dive into one subject, becoming an expert in a particular field. This is called having career depth. On the other hand, there’s digging out, meaning learning lots of different skills across a wide range of expertise. This is career breadth. Regardless of the learning tactic you choose, education is integral in preparing for new options.
Take Initiative
Want to try something new? Just do it! If there’s a different sort of role you’re interested in, take a crack at completing a project related to the job in question. Then, bring it your work to someone who works in this department at your current company. You never know what’s available to you without trying! Alternatively, if you do not feel comfortable doing so at your current company, volunteering offers opportunities for working outside of your comfort zone in a setting outside of the typical office routine.
 Seek Mentors
People love talking about themselves and their careers; seek out mentors in your field of interest! You’d be surprised what you can learn from just talking to people you trust, whether over coffee, lunch or just a phone call. Sometimes, the day-to-day work in a role is not what we might expect. Do your research and find a buddy to help you along your new path.
Don’t ever feel like you’re stuck! By breaking out of the ordinary, preparing through education and taking initiative with influential people, you can unstick yourself from the wrong path and set yourself back towards success. Have any tips for changing career paths? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!