Before launching your search and applying to a position of interest, have you taken the time to honestly evaluate yourself and what fulfillment means to you? 
Too many people make the mistake of taking a position for status. As much as they thought they would be engaged and happy, they dread going to work after three months, because they find out their leader is a micro-manager; they have no say in making decisions; the company isn’t putting their customers’ interest in mind, etc. 
I’m not a mind reader, but I know you don’t want that!
In order to avoid this, here are some questions to help you reflect and discover what you truly want:

  • What are your soft skills and top traits? You can take the MyPrint soft skills assessment through Medix, which highlights your unique personality traits, behaviors and motivations. These insights will be invaluable as you evaluate your goals for your next position. 
  • What is your desired work environment? Do you perform best in environments that are structured with clearly defined tasks, continuous feedback and support? Or are you more effective with unstructured work where you can be creative without constant feedback?
  • What are the characteristics of leaders you worked well under in the past? (Working for someone you like and respect is 90 percent of the battle of finding a job you enjoy!)
  • In previous positions you were the most successful and fulfilled, how much of your day was dedicated to engaging job duties versus busy work?
  • What type of work have you done that you feel proud of? 
  • What were some of the decisions during your past work experiences that brought you down?
  • What are your core values? Does the company’s strategy/vision/values align?

Selecting the right role involves going far beyond title, industry, education and company reputation. True fulfillment in your job and career will most likely come from:

  • How skilled you are at performing the job function.
  • How much control you have on deciding how your work gets done.
  • How connected you are to your teammates, leader and company vision.

Spend the time reflecting on your goals for your next job, when you’re most fulfilled, and what makes you successful. Then when you find a job of interest, research, research, research! Leave no stone left unturned when trying to learn if it’s the right fit for you. Your career path is too valuable for missteps!

About Ginna Ronis

Ginna leads Medix’s Executive Search Practice. Through her 10 years of experience, she is a passionate advocate of the importance of soft skills in hiring, especially in leadership roles. To get in touch, you may reach her at