We all know that first impressions are crucial to success in the process of launching your career.  But if you thought that first impression stress would be alleviated after your interview, you thought wrong.  After nailing an interview and landing the job, your REAL first impression of who you are as a business person and how you will adapt to a company’s professional structure and culture starts on your first day on the job.  Follow these pointers to make sure that first impression leads to a successful and lasting career path ahead!

Dress the part.

You put all of that time and effort into picking the perfect outfit for your interview, but you should put equally as much care into selecting an outfit for your first day at work.  You may have wowed the hiring manager with your killer suit during the interview, but this is the very first time many people will be meeting you, such as coworkers, leaders in the organization, others you might be reporting to, etc.  Make sure you dress to impress them as well!

Pack your positive attitude.

This is not the day to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  Get plenty of rest.  Grab that cup of joe if you know you need it to wake up.  Remember that a little smile goes a long way.  Your coworkers and superiors want to see a person who is happy and enthusiastic for the opportunity to be a part of their organization, not someone who appears indifferent.

Ask questions and take notes.

Your first day will likely be a lot of listening and learning, so make sure you are prepared with a pen and paper so you can write down all of the important tips that are likely to overwhelm you if you haven’t documented them.  It can be a lot to take in on the first day!  However, it is important not to JUST listen; if you are confused about a process or have a follow-up question to something you were just taught, make sure to speak up.  If your trainer is on a roll and you don’t want to interrupt, make sure to jot your question down so you don’t forget to ask later.

Be courteous and friendly.

We know you are likely nervous for your first day, and with a laundry list of things to worry about, making new friends likely isn’t on the top.  However, try to ignore that natural urge to be shy when nervous and go out of your way to be friendly to everyone you meet, from the receptionist to the swarms of coworkers you are likely to meet.  You probably won’t remember all of their names right away, but being open and friendly on your first day will help spark office friendships and partnerships for when you need a helping hand down the line.

The first day on the job is undoubtedly a pivotal point in your career, so use this first impression as an opportunity to start it on the right foot!