You’re finishing up an assignment at work, and your cubicle neighbor is coughing away. That panic sets in; “Oh no! It’s flu season!” According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flu season 2012 has come with an early and strong start. Don’t let coworkers get you sick this year! Follow this flu season survival guide:

Get a Flu Shot

This is probably the easiest this you can do to prevent the flu. Flu shots are a quick and accessible solution. You might be thinking to yourself, “No, flu shots don’t always prevent all flu strains.” The good news from the CDC is that this year’s flu vaccine is a 90 percent match for the prevalent circulating strains.

Take Your Vitamins

You’ve got that dreaded scratch in your throat. Now what do you do?  Vitamin C to the rescue! Taking vitamin C with your daily vitamin can bolster your immune system and help you stay healthy during this flu season. Vitamin C products, like Airborne and Emergen-C, can shorten the length of an illness, if not prevent it all together.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Take time regularly to run a sanitizing wipe over your desk and office equipment, especially one of flu season’s biggest culprits, your phone’s mouthpiece. Also keep hand sanitizer on your desk, and use it regularly. You’d be surprised at how many germs flourish at your personal work space!

Healthy Habits FTW!

Eating right and getting enough sleep can do wonders during flu season! Fruits and veggies are a haven for healthy vitamins, and nothing fights illness quite like sleeping for a full eight hours. Make a special point to do both this flu season to help you stay healthy.

During the flu season, the workplace can seem like a war zone against the bug. If you follow these tips, you have a better chance coming out of the season flu free. Nobody wants the flu, so of course, if you get sick this year, do your colleagues a favor and stay home!