Looking for a new job can sometimes make you feel like you’ve been cursed; quirks and bugs in online applications suddenly assault your computer, employers mysteriously fall silent after submitting your resume and a cloud of financial concern is never far behind.
But the scariest hex of all can appear during a high pressure situation: the interview wardrobe malfunction!
If you’re feeling unlucky on the job hunt, the prospect of attending an in-person interview might seem risky, even terrifying. However, interview day doesn’t have to be a Friday the 13th experience! With so many outside factors in play – many of which may be out of your control – it is important focus on the pieces of the interview you can control.
With that in mind, here are some last minute interview fashion tips to help you feel like a confident candidate, and hopefully put some of those unlucky thoughts to rest:
Nothing can crumple your chances in an interview quite like a wrinkly outfit. Be sure to have suits pressed, pants ironed and all articles of clothing freshly cleaned and flattened. Have these items fresh and ready to go the night before to avoid rushing in the morning.
Shine On
Your shoes may be the furthest thing from your brain (quite literally) but a scuff here and a scratch there can stick out like a sore thumb. Take the time to touch up and shine your shoes for the interview. Bonus points for wearing professional style shoes that are actually comfortable; nothing boosts your confidence quite like a stylish shoe with a relaxed fit.
Hair, There, Everywhere
You love your dog, cat and other household hairy friends, but your interviewer probably doesn’t want to be introduced to Fluffy’s hair on interview day. Especially when wearing dark colors, these strands of hair, tufts of fur and dander particles can really stand out. Spend a moment with a lint roller before leaving the house, then once more before entering the office.
Keep it Simple
If you’re on the fence about that distinct cologne sitting on your shelf or that chunky piece of jewelry, it’s probably best to leave them at home. Pushing the envelope with overly aggressive styles and smells might be a risky move depending on your industry, so keep your style simple and professional.
When in Doubt, Go Formal
If you’re ever unsure of the level of dress required for an interview, err on the side of overdressing. Being the underdressed candidate in a competitive group can be a death sentence, but you’ll never lose points for looking sharp on interview day!
At the end of the day, a black cat or broken mirror does not control your career fate; you have the power to take control of your success! Perfecting your interview fashion is one small piece of the job search you can commit to today to see positive results.
Do you have any tips for avoiding a freaky fashion Friday? Share them below!

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