Did you know that your newest BFF might be sitting just a cubicle away? Offices and workplaces are perfect environments for friendships to blossom; you’re around the same people for hours on end, and having a buddy can make a long workday just a little more bearable. It’s great to foster friendships with your colleagues, but remember these key tips!

Keep the chatting in check.

When you have a good friend sitting next to you all day, every day, it is normal to feel that urge to talk to them about what’s going on with your significant other, what your weekend plans are, etc. Not everyone in the office wants to hear those conversations, and since those topics likely have nothing to do with work anyways, it’s best to save them for lunchtime or after you clock out.

Don’t let it get cliquey.

Groups of people naturally gravitate towards each other, but if it feels like your office is divided between the “cool salespeople,” the “nerdy tech guys,” and so forth, your office may be getting a little too much like the halls of high school rather than a professional workplace. Make sure you are not alienating other colleagues with your friendships. If your cube mate has a beef with Dean in accounting just because you do, it is time to keep the work cliques in check!

Keep your work separate.

Make sure you don’t let a friendship sway decisions or actions that affect your work. If you are in a position of leadership or power, don’t give preferential treatment to certain people just because they are your buddies. On the other hand, if you and your friend are having a spat, don’t let those disagreements into the workplace. It can be hard to eliminate friendships and the emotions that come with them from your daily actions, but it is important to keep focused on your professional objectives. That is why you come to work in the first place, after all!

A work buddy can be a great lunch partner and a friendly face to make you overall more happy and satisfied at work; remember these tips, and embrace everything a work friendship has to offer!