bad job search adviceJob search myths and bad advice are prevalent and derailing many job seekers. To help give you some clarity into what’s good advice and what’s not, we asked our Corporate Recruiters, Carrie and Brandy, to bust some top myths.

Online job boards are the only way to find a job.

“A lot of people think that online job boards are the must for finding new jobs, and while a lot of great jobs are there, there are a lot that aren’t,” said Carrie. “I would always recommend researching your target location area when you are starting a new search. You can then research what companies are in that area and look up their career opportunities on their websites. You can normally apply directly to them. I also am a huge fan of working your network. Referrals are one the absolute best ways to find a new role! You should also make sure to connect with your professional network on LinkedIn. There are so many more ways to find a new role than just the boards!”

Apply to as many jobs as possible.

“I believe that you should definitely apply to more than one position if you are active in your search, BUT you need to make that search targeted,” said Carrie. “Make sure you know yourself and what you want in a new role, and make sure to apply to those specific positions.”

Giving a general resume to anybody and everybody is a solid strategy.

“If you want to grab the attention of an employer, you have to tailor your resume to highlight your experience that best meets the requirements of the position,” said Brandy. “With today’s technology, it’s easy to modify your resume, and it’s also vital to get past the initial weeding of online applicant tracking systems. It can also set the tone of what kind of employee you would be. If you put forth the time and effort to put your best foot forward in a resume, it’s likely that you will put forth that same effort to contribute to the organization.” 

You should only consider full-time, permanent employment opportunities.

“You should definitely consider temporary or internship positions, because they provide a great opportunity for you to ‘test drive’ a role/industry and determine if it’s a good fit for your skills and personality,” said Brandy. “Usually temporary or internship roles provide more flexibility as well. You are able to arrange it around a school or life schedule. Also, internships are typically designed to give you exposure to a lot of different tasks or departments within an organization. This helps you determine the best fit long-term and makes the experience on your resume more marketable.”

You shouldn’t take notes during a job interview.

“Don’t be afraid to take notes during an interview! It’s a LOT of information to take in and you want to make sure you are getting all the pertinent details and names of the people you meet with,” said Brandy. “There is definitely a fine line with this though. An interview is a conversation, and you want to make sure you still make eye contact and are as engaging as possible.”

Don’t bother job searching during the holidays.

“The holidays are fast approaching, and if your job search extends into the season, it’s not a lost cause,” said Carrie. “Job searching anytime is good as long as it is a targeted search. Furthermore, the holidays offer abundant networking opportunities, so make sure you’re taking advantage of these!”

Thank you, Brandy and Carrie, for your insight!

If you’ve heard other myths or have questions, please leave us a comment!