With the 4th of July celebrations starting tomorrow, we wanted to give you a little advice on gaining independence– in your position at work, that is! Let’s face it, no one likes to be micromanaged.  So how can you prove to your boss that you are a leader and can handle a little more independence in your routine?  We have some tips!

Manage your time.

An easy way to prove your capability to manage yourself is to demonstrate your ability to manage your time effectively. An independent employee knows how to multi-task, prioritize and stay on schedule. Your boss won’t give you the freedom to manage your own projects if you are constantly missing deadlines!

Be a self-starter.

Demonstrate to your boss that he/she doesn’t need to be constantly looking over your shoulder dolling out tasks and projects by coming up with some tasks and projects of your own! If you finish the duties for your assigned workload and spend the rest of the afternoon staring at your clock waiting for it to turn 5, your employer might feel like he/she needs to manage you closer. Prove that you are a self-starter and suggest some projects beyond what you have been assigned.

Be trustworthy.

A boss will be more likely to trust you to manage yourself if he/she can trust you — period. Maintain open and honest communication with your supervisors. Stay above office gossip. Prove that you can be trusted by not sharing sensitive information that is shared with you. Integrity and respect will get you a long way in terms of gaining independence at work!

Constantly learn.

There is always new information to learn and explore about our given professions, and employees who keep abreast of industry news and who are constantly seeking to gain knowledge in their area of expertise demonstrate to employers that they can think for themselves. If you just read the training materials you are given during the first week of employment and think that’s enough knowledge to last you the rest of your career, think again. Attend webinars and networking events. Read books and articles. When employers see you trying to take your career development in your own hands, they are more willing to hand over the reins.

We hope this advice puts you on track to gain more independence in the workplace– and we hope you have a fantastic 4th of July!