It’s that time of the year; the weather is warming, spring semester is coming to an end and summer internship offers are rolling in! For those of you taking on internships this summer, here are tips on how to get the most out of your experience:

Stay Focused

Don’t log on to your social media accounts, and avoid texting your friends during work hours. You would not want your work to suffer because of your distractions, and you definitely would not want your supervisor to catch you off task.

Volunteer for Extra Projects

Diversify your work load by taking on extra projects outside of your internship responsibilities. You will be able to tack on extra lines to your resume and have more to talk about in future job interviews. Furthermore, you might have the opportunity to work with other professionals in the organization and develop new networking connections.

Take Your Work Seriously

At school, you are allowed to make mistakes. At your internship, if you make mistakes, you better be sure you learn from them! Yes, an internship is a learning opportunity like school, but unlike school, your work has a direct effect on a company. When you are assigned a project, make sure you do the best you can and seek help if needed, but if you do end up making a mistake, be accountable and learn from it.

Ask for Feedback and Advice

Your internship supervisor has been there and done that, so why not learn from him/her? Ask your supervisor for regular feedback on your work and advice on how to improve your performance moving forward. Not only will your supervisor have great real-world advice, but he/she will appreciate your dedication to your work.

Summer internships are an awesome way to gain experience in your field, create new professional connections, get your foot in a company’s door and learn how to become a professional. Take full advantage of this opportunity and at the end of the summer, you will be proud of everything your learned and accomplished.

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