The giving season is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about what to get your coworkers! You spend nearly every day with them, but do you have a gift idea that they’ll love? After all, our coworkers support and help us through the stressful deadlines and long hours, but are also there to celebrate our achievements! Choosing something useful that will make them feel special this holiday season will be easy with the list of suggested gifts your coworkers will actually use below.

Business Card Holder
For you career-driven coworker, a business card holder is a unique professional item that you can easily personalize, and is extremely useful in networking situations.

Commuter Toolkit
Throw a few items together in a festive package to make a “commuter essentials” kit. Hand sanitizer, headphones, a fan favorite book and chapstick are a few must haves for surviving the trip to and from work.

Charging Station
The colleague that always needs to borrow your charger would appreciate an extra charging cord or doc this holiday season (and so will you!.)

Foot Hammock
Yes, it’s a thing, and yes, everyone needs one! For anyone who craves comfort at their desk, a foot hammock is a fun way to keep relaxation at an all time high during the day.

A nice desk plant is the perfect gift for the workmate who is begging for an office pet. Not only do they look great, but the added bonus of cleaning the air and reducing stress can’t hurt either!

For your coworker who is ultra organized and busy, a planner for the following year will help put them on the right foot heading into the new year.

Inspirational Quotes Flipbook
We could always use a daily “pick me up!” Brighten your workmates day by giving the gift of daily inspirational quotes.

Wireless Mouse
For your colleague that needs one less cord! A wireless mouse is life changing and a quick gift to pick up.

Bonus gift: Throw in a nice mouse pad to complete the perfect desk makeover!

Your coworker who always has a beverage needs somewhere to put their cup. Find some sleek or pretty coasters that match their style for their desk.

Suitable Notebook
Some people love to write everything down. This holiday season, surprise them with a new notebook with a cover that fits their personality.

Tall Mug
For caffeine lovers, an extra tall coffee cup is a must. Treat your coworker to more room for coffee by finding a large mug.

Gift Card
You can never go wrong with a coffee or popular lunch spot gift card, especially when you’re in a time crunch!

Show your appreciate for your coworkers this holiday season by choosing the perfect gift for them. If you have more gifts your coworkers will actually use, share here: