As a leader, it’s part of your responsibilities to make sure your teammates get recognized for their hard work and successes. Recognition can be a huge motivator for employees, so it’s important you put thought into it. Different employees like to be recognized in different ways, so here are some ideas to help you show your appreciation to your team:

Flex Hours

Do you have an extremely accountable teammate who consistently goes above and beyond? Consider rewarding that individual by letting him/her be more flexible with his/her work schedule. Not only will your teammate appreciate your leniency, it will build a deeper professional trust between the two of you.

Relax the Dress Code

Did you team recently accomplish something big? Let them dress down for a day! Never underestimate the power of letting your employees be more comfortable in jeans.

Treat Them

Who doesn’t love food as a reward? Treat your top performing employees to lunch or happy hour on a regular basis. Taking your appreciation for their work outside of the office will mean a lot to your team.

A Gift

A good, ol’ fashioned gift never fails when showing appreciation! Something as simple as a gift card can be a great way to reward your hard-working employee. Is there a good movie coming out? Buy your employee some movie tickets. Does your employee love a certain sports team? Consider tickets to a game or memorabilia.

A Heart-Felt ‘Thank You’

Nothing shows appreciation better than a meaningful, genuine ‘thank you.’ You can do this privately through a note or a one-on-one meeting, or can recognize them publicly with an announcement. Base your decision on how to thank your teammate based on how he/she feels comfortable with recognition.

Recognition and appreciation comes in many different forms, but they’re all great motivators for your team!

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