As a junior in college, you’re probably sitting back and watching the seniors freak out about their impending job search and careers. They’re worried about finding a job and what they will do once they find one, and you’re just thinking about how you will spend your summer vacation. Don’t get too comfortable; there are things you can start doing now to prepare for the job search and your future career.

Take on Internships

One of the best things you can do for yourself professionally is to take on internships. Sure, you’re busy with school, and you might be planning a vacation for summer break, but you will never regret squeezing a few internships into your senior year. Internships not only bolster your resume with experience, they help you meet professionals and discover what you truly enjoy doing within your field.

Get Involved on Campus

Getting involved on campus is another way to give your resume a boost. There are sure to be many organizations on your campus, and they will be happy to have the support from more members. Whether you join professional or interest-based organizations, future employers will want to see you did more than just sit around and study during your college years.

Find a Leadership Opportunity

Leadership opportunities are everywhere on a college campus. If you’re in a campus organization, fraternity or sorority, there are plenty of leadership positions you can take on. Do you have a professor you enjoy? Ask to be his/her teaching assistant. Furthermore, if you intern with a group of interns, offer to lead a project you are working on together. Being a leader sets you apart from other college students and future job seekers, so it will be worth a time commitment and hard work.

Expand Your Network

Many professional student organizations on campus are associated or paired up with post-graduate professional organizations. Whether it be through networking dinners, conferences or lunch-and-learns, use this as an opportunity to meet professionals within your field, and make connections to future job opportunities.

Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor is so important, because a good mentor can help you with your resume, give you sound job search advice and become part of your support system. Do you have a trusted internship supervisor or professor within your major? He/she might be a good place to start due to his/her experience within your field.

Stay the Course

Don’t let senioritis grab hold of you when you return to school in the fall; stay the course. You have one school year left, so don’t let your attitude tank the GPA you have been working on for three years. Future employers still look at and take into account your GPA, so keep that in mind on those lazy Mondays when all you want to do is skip your afternoon capstone class to take a nap.

Your senior year of college should be far from a cake walk. With the job search and your future career looming, you need to take the opportunity now to make sure you’re prepared.