The blockbuster movie season is right around the corner! Before lining up for those midnight showings, imagine for a moment if some of your favorite action-packed stories were written like some resumes:Super Action Verbs

  • Experienced with web development
  • Responsible for great power, great responsibility

Nick Fury

  • Organized Avengers team comprised of multiple super personalities
  • Communicated S.H.I.E.L.D. objectives

Employers are just like movie audiences; they respond to action and achievements more than predictable, generic phrasing. Here are some action-packed verbs to consider using when mundane phrases threaten to sabotage your resume:
“Responsible for”
Translation: These are the things I had to do. Rather than focusing on listing your job description responsibilities, try plugging in a few action verbs that better illustrate your unique achievements:




Do you want to be a Batman or a Robin? Everyone needs a trusty sidekick from time to time, but your resume should be a showcase for your own heroic accomplishments. Pick verbs that demonstrate your specific value, instead of selling yourself short:




Human beings cannot help but communicate; in fact, we do it constantly! The key here is to use detailed terminology that will highlight exactly how and what you communicated in your previous roles:




Spiderman isn’t “experienced” with webs, he “slings” them. Nick Fury doesn’t just “organize” the Avengers, he “leads” them to victory. Don’t let boring phrases be your kryptonite – save your resume with action verbs today!