As a leader, you want a dependable team who sees work not only as a responsibility, but as an opportunity to make a positive impact. However, to build a team like that, you must embody this as a leader, as well. Accountability is an essential ingredient in effective leadership; here is why:

Trust and Honesty 

At Medix, we have our internal motto of “Got Your Back,” which is a promise to each other that we’re always here to help when things get tough. We have engrained it throughout our team, and it wouldn’t be possible without the solid trust that is built through accountability. As a leader, you have the opportunity to start this mentality within your team, as well. Simply following through on promises and being there when challenges arise will naturally result in your team trusting you.

Ownership and Improvement

Being accountable as a leader and spreading accountability throughout your team will help everyone, including yourself, build a bigger sense of ownership of their work and its results. This can be a great motivator when outcomes are good, because it reaffirms that you and your team are doing something right and should continue the momentum. It also motivates and becomes a learning opportunity when the outcomes are less favorable than expected. When outcomes are not good, accountability will drive you and each of your teammates to self-evaluate and discover what you all can do better next time.

What You Can Do to Get Started

Lead the accountability charge by example. First, learn what you value, what you believe will benefit your team the most and what you can do to get the ball rolling. Do you want your team to be accountable in the sense that they constantly go above and beyond by doing tasks outside their responsibilities to positively impact the team? Demonstrate that by making sure your team has the resources and motivation to enable them to excel in their roles. Do you want your team to be accountable for the quality of their work? Bring attention to detail in everything you do, as well. Setting an example of accountability is the most powerful and rewarding way to instill it within your team, so why wait? Get started today!

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