career adviceMedix employs many new graduates each year, and although I am a workplace veteran, I am regularly reminded of what it is like to be fresh in the business world. What I have observed is that school cannot prepare you for every nuance of the “real world,” like managing relationships with your supervisors or being a good teammate, for example. There is a lot more to your early career than just your day-to-day work, so being a new professional can be tough and confusing. Thus, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide my best advice to all new professionals.
Never Stop Learning
Although you’re done with school, you should never stop learning. New ideas of how to do our jobs more efficiently and successfully are constantly being shared in our interconnected world, so take advantage. Here are some ways:

  • Read constantly! Subscribe to insightful blogs; find a new business book a quarter, or read a whitepaper a month.
  • Join a professional organization. They hold many learning opportunities, like lunch-and-learns, workshops, webinars, etc. There is most likely a chapter near your of a relevant industry organization; scout it out, and become an active member.
  • Find a mentor. We all have someone we look up to; find that person either within your company or your industry, and make a point to learn from him/her.

Be Innovative
Being innovative doesn’t just mean thinking of the next big idea to double your company’s revenue – innovation can occur with day-to-day, simple tasks. Maybe there is a more efficient way to file your reports, or maybe you thought of a new strategy to accomplish one of your team’s quarterly goal – that is innovation! Constantly be on the lookout for ideas big and small, as they can add value to your job, impress those around you and ultimately grow your career.
Be Kind to Everyone
Never underestimate the power of kindness. Hold doors open for strangers; say hi to everyone as you walk into your office; treat everybody with respect; donate to a worthy cause; send a thoughtful message to a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in a while; help a teammate out with that huge project. It’s an unbelievable feeling when you can look back on your day and know you made someone else’s day better.
As a new professional, there is so much opportunity sitting in front of you. Keep these three things in mind, and I believe you will find a fulfilling career.
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