With Earth Day upon us, what better time to take a look at ways white collar can go green! In an office with printers humming and florescent lights beaming for numerous hours on end, there is no shortage of little things we can do around the workplace to make our daily routines a little more environmentally friendly!

This come as no surprise- Recycle!

We know you know this rule, and probably have since grade school. No one needs to be explained how recycling helps the environment, yet we oftentimes fail to do it. If your office does not have the proper recycling receptacles on site, it could be a good opportunity to talk to your office manager and make a positive improvement at your workplace.

Electronic copies are the way to go.

While recycling is a much better option than throwing paper in the trash, reducing the amount of paper waste you generate in the first place is an even better option. Try to only print items when absolutely necessary. Share as many documents electronically as possible. When printing is unavoidable, print double-sided, especially when printing lengthy documents.

Watch your electricity usage.

With several individual workplaces under one roof, the amount of electricity used in an office can be quite substantial. Make sure to power down your computer when you leave at night. When leaving areas like the break room or storage room, don’t leave the lights on if no one else is present.

Invest in reusable dishes.

Instead of going through a paper plate, Styrofoam coffee cup and plastic cup of water each day, invest in actual utensils that you can wash and use daily. Bringing your own plate, coffee mug, water bottle, etc. to work can drastically reduce the amount of garbage generated by an office.

Car pool or use public transit.

When possible, car pool with colleagues or take advantage of public transportation. You will be reducing your carbon footprint on the environment, and hey, who likes to sit in traffic anyways?

With just a few minor adjustments to your daily routine, you can do your part to protect the environment from your own cubicle!