Baseball’s World Series is finally upon us! Worrying about a job is probably the last thing a fan wants to do with a hotdog in one hand and a foam finger in the other. However, baseball can teach even the most casual sports fan some important lessons about the job search.
Here are our favorite lessons about finding a job from America’s pastime:
It’s a Long Game
Nine innings can fly by in no time or stretch on for hours, depending on the game. However, what fans see on the field is only a fraction of what goes into making a great baseball team. Hours of practice, a spring’s worth of training and constant adjustments go into achieving victory.
The job search is no different. If finding an opportunity is taking longer than expected, don’t get discouraged. After all, some of the most exciting games are won in extra innings! With a commitment to solid preparation and an eye on long-term goals, job seekers can be ready for the time it takes to find the right fit.
Small Ball
You don’t always need to be swinging for the fences every time you step up to the plate! In fact, some of baseball’s biggest stars have made their mark by doing the little things – a bunt here, a single there. String together enough little victories, and you could find yourself celebrating big time.
Take the time to appreciate the small steps on the way to your next opportunity. For example, revising your resume might not lead to a crowd doing, “the wave” but it’s still something that should be celebrated. Rather than focusing on the intimidating final goal, try setting small goals along the way to set yourself up for success!
Root Root Root!
Every good team needs dedicated fans and the same goes for job seekers! Let’s face it, searching for a new job is tough. Support from friends, family and trusted members of your professional network can make all the difference as the searching season wears on. Find time to meet with the important people in your life and get their feedback on your application materials, interview preparation and anything else you might be worried about.
You Are Not Cursed
If the Cubs can make it to the World Series, anything is possible! Rejection hurts. After a few negative experiences on the job search, it is only natural to feel like you’re destined to strike out. Stay strong, have faith in your abilities and you might just be saying, “This is our year!”
Has baseball inspired you in surprising ways? Share your story in the comments below!