Bust out that ugly sweater, prepare your small talk and get ready to get funky – it’s time for the company holiday party!  After a difficult year of work, everyone deserves to let off a little steam and celebrate the holiday season. Unfortunately, all too often, employees find themselves on the naughty list by breaking some of the unwritten rules of snow time soirees.
Save yourself the embarrassment of making a faux paus at this year’s company celebrations by keeping these holiday party etiquette tips in mind:
Read the Rules, Checking Them Twice
If you’re anything like me, your inbox is a constantly changing landing place for deadlines and dates. Naturally, things can get lost in the shuffle from time to time. With that in mind, when the inevitable company-wide email announcing the specifics for your holiday party comes through, mark it as important immediately and save it to a save space. This way, you’ll have a harder time losing your insider’s guide to the big questions:
“Am I allowed to bring a guest?”
“What’s the dress code?”
“When should I arrive?”
Breaking any of these rules is bad enough, but doing so after a coworker took the time to explain each in detail and deliver it to your directly is even worse. Take the time to review the key information and follow the rules when it comes time to party!
Spread the Joy
While the holidays are a time to share your appreciation for those closest to you, the holiday party is a unique opportunity to expand your social reach within the company! Take a chance this year and expand your conversations beyond your typical work circles. Your immediate teammates and managers deserve attention, but embracing the opportunity to connect with new people will make this party all the more memorable.
 “He Sees You When You’re Drinking…”
Eat, drink and be merry…within reason. Seeing the people you work with outside of the normal office context can be jarring at first. However, as the night wears on and the drinks are filled (and refilled), this tension has a way of melting away. Even outside of the office, it’s important to maintain a level of professionalism with your coworkers. Keep track of your indulgences throughout the night, and know when to cut yourself off.
The holiday season should be a chance to share love with family, friends and coworkers. Don’t let a good time turn into an HR incident by forgetting etiquette during your next holiday party! Have any tips for celebrating this season? Share your comments below!