As you prepare for your future career, there are many things you can do to set yourself up for success – earn good grades, get involved and most importantly, find an internship. There are many huge benefits to taking on an internship during college and/or post-college. Here are some to keep in mind:
Growing Your Network
Networking is still king in the job search, and internships give you exposure to professionals who can speak to your skills and you can add to your growing network. You never know, your hard work could impress your supervisor enough to recommend you for an open opportunity either within the organization or another organization.
Resume Experience and Interview Talking Points
In today’s job market, entry-level no longer means you don’t need to have experience. In fact, if you want a chance at standing out from the crowd, you absolutely need to have an internship or two under your belt. Having internship experience on your resume will help better qualify you for a position, catch a hiring manager’s eye and give you substantial things to talk about during your interview.
Experiencing the Working World
Do you know how to send a fax? How about working efficiently with a difficult coworker? There are many things about office life that can’t and won’t be taught in a classroom. Experiencing them first hand in an internship will be invaluable one day when you’re faced with a professional challenge or day-to-day tasks.
Learning about Yourself
Do you truly know what you want to do for the rest of your life? Many industries have different career paths you can choose to go down. Sure, you can learn about your different options, but how will you know what is best for you? Internships give you the freedom to try different career paths without being completely tied to them for an extended period of time. This is invaluable for every professional, learning about future options and searching for his/her dream job.
Arming yourself with internship experience can make a ton of difference not only in your job search, but your future career. Take internship opportunities and make the most of them!
Do you know of another benefit from internships? Please share in the comments!