So you’ve nearly gone blind scrolling through countless job boards.  You’ve exhausted all your efforts showing up for interviews at companies that are simply not the right fit.  Before you throw in the towel and adopt a life filled with daytime soap operas, unemployment checks, and mediocrity, there may be a better option. All biases aside, staffing firms are really an exceptionally viable option for jobseekers to unearth opportunities that best fit their skill sets and career aspirations.  Before you chock this blog entry up to shameless self-promotion, let me just say I am not going to mention Medix specifically (except for that time.  Now I’m done).  In reality, staffing agencies can be extremely useful, given the wide variety of professional personalities and goals out there; whether you are a C-Suite executive seeking a full time salaried position or a college student just wanting to expand your resume with part time work, staffing agencies have intel into what positions may fit your bill.
Below are 8 good reasons outlined by Careerbuilder on why a staffing company might be the right option for you.
1.     Get the inside scoop on new openings: Staffing companies work with a variety of companies. Many businesses turn to staffing companies to fill certain positions and never advertise the opening themselves.
2.     Save time: Staffing companies specialize in position types, areas, industries, or even companies. Thus, they know the job market and know the cultures on the companies for which they are recruiting.
3.     Put flexibility and work in the same sentence: If you are looking for time to live life while still making ends meet, working with a staffing company could be the best career move you ever make. Staffing companies place you in part-time or contract work that fits your life. Maybe you want to take a trip to Europe for a month or maybe you need the summers off to watch your kids while school’s out. Either way, a staffing company can help you find a project or company that is right for you.
4.     Work part time and get benefits: When you go on temporary assignments for a staffing company, you are normally employed by the staffing company and could be eligible for vacation, holidays, health insurance, retirement plans, and more.
5.     Never get bored: As an employee of a staffing company, you get to select the short-term assignments you want to take. You get the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and with different people on numerous projects and tasks. The opportunities are endless.
6.     Go from temp to perm: According to the American Staffing Association, about 75 percent of temporary and contract employees move on to permanent jobs. Thus, a temp job can be a great way to try out a company’s culture.
7.     They can negotiate a higher salary for you. Recruiters have better knowledge of the job market and salary ranges for different positions. Generally, it’s to the recruiter’s advantage to obtain a higher salary for the candidate, says Kelly Smith, a corporate contract recruiter. Usually, recruiters are paid a fee based on the overall salary that a candidate receives, so they will work to negotiate a realistic salary for both parties
8.     You can get feedback and guidance from recruiters before interviews. When you meet with a recruiter, you can get specialized pointers before going on interviews. From advice on purchasing a different tie, perfecting a firmer handshake and better eye contact, to specific feedback on how to phrase answers and helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses, candidates can polish their image and be prepared before meeting with a hiring manager.