Are you a new professional looking to take the next step beyond your entry-level role or a seasoned worker ready for leadership? Career advancement doesn’t just happen overnight – it takes strategy and hard work. To help set you up for the next step in your career path, we asked our leaders here at Medix for advice on how to move forward. Check out their tips:

“Know Your Industry”

According to Medix’s CFO Brian, being well-versed in your industry and actively seeking more knowledge about new trends and key players is a quick route to career advancement. How can you become an industry expert? Brian advises joining professional associations and reading trade publications.

Always Surround Yourself with People Who Make You Better”

Just like Mom always told us to hang around the right crowd, Medix CEO Andrew says that a key to career success is to surround yourself with people who make you a better person and professional. These people will help inspire you to make the best of every day, offer you a different perspective, drive you to think outside of the box and help you realize the impact you can have on others.

“Learn from People Who Were Successful at Your Job and the Job You Want One Day”

Scott, Medix’s Vice President of Operations, says a great way to advance your career is to learn from people who held the same job as you and who currently hold a job you are working toward. Not only can these people give you advice on how to do your job better, they can teach you how to stand out and set yourself up for success in the next level of your career.

“Make Sure You Are Curious”

CEO Andrew’s final career-advancing tip is to make sure you are curious. Curious people tend to find creative ways to do their jobs better and handle situations that may arise. Aside from being curious about your job and industry, curiosity about things outside of work can help you become a well-rounded person, stay motivated and keep you refreshed.

There are many ways to advance your career outside of simply working hard and being very good at your job (which always helps). If you are working towards the next rung in your career’s ladder, continue to work hard, don’t give up and keep the Medix leaders’ advice in mind.