what is your greatest strengthIt may seem weird, but the most common interview questions can actually be the trickiest! When you’re preparing for your interview, you might be focusing on researching the more seemingly difficult questions, but the common ones deserve your attention, too. You might think that answering “What it your biggest strength?” is simple and straight-forward, but some strategy needs to go behind your response. Here is our advice:

Be Honest and Humble

First and foremost, never lie or exaggerate when answering this question! It might be tempting to punch up your story, but hiring managers always find out when they’re lied to. Furthermore, this is not the time to brag, as it could rub the hiring manager the wrong way.

Think Relevancy

When reading through the job description, what traits and skills keep popping up? Chances are the ones that are repeated are the ones hiring managers are focusing on the most. Think of your strengths that best coincide with these important traits and skills and talk about those primarily.

Have Stories 

Pair your strengths with an example from your professional experience to further illustrate your point. Simply saying you have a skill is not as impactful as having a story of how this skill/trait helped you and your previous employer.

Lastly, Be Yourself!

“Your biggest strength should stem from who you are as a person. Hard skills can be taught, but your core values and personal traits are things you personally own,” said Carrie, Medix’s Corporate Recruiter. “This gives employers a glimpse into what internally motivates you. When paired with an example of demonstrating this trait to achieve a goal, it becomes even more valuable in selling you as the best candidate for the role.”

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