Do you enjoy social media for personal or professional use? Chances are that if you said, “professional,” you might be hoping to use social media as a channel to convey your industry expertise. Follow these tips for liking, sharing and retweeting yourself into industry expert status when using social media.

Follow Industry-Related Accounts

Simply following industry-related accounts can set the stage for your industry expertise to shine. By following these types of accounts, you are conveying to your audience that you’re interested in reading that type of information.

Build Relationships

You can follow as many accounts as you would like, but interacting with those people is the key to truly building a professional relationship. Join the online conversation with your connections by commenting on things they share, adding your professional opinion about their ideas and asking for their thoughts.


Did you read an article about your industry that you found insightful? Share it with your audience! Add your spin to it by commenting or adding your own idea, but make sure you always give credit to the original author!

Developing New Content

The last step in branding yourself as an industry expert is developing original content around your own ideas or opinions. Start and maintain a blog or share little ideas that come to mind on a regular basis. As you gain followers, more and more people will look to you as the true industry expert you really are.

Social media has many great uses for professionals, and if you follow these tips, you will be able to use social media as a means to brand yourself as an industry expert among your peers.