A smile and a firm handshake are two “must-haves” when making a good first impression in the business world, but many forget another key component – your attire. Whether you’re a job seeker wanting to look sharp for an upcoming interview, or a new employee hoping to start off on the right foot, you can use the way you dress to convey a level of professionalism. Follow these tips to dress to impress:

Never Underestimate the Power of a Suit

A suit is great addition to any business wardrobe, and wearing one to a job interview or the first day of work will show your employer that you are a true professional who takes the job seriously. Consider choosing black, navy or dark gray, as these are standard colors for such occasions.

Tone Down the Accessories

Big jewelry and colorful accessories might be in style right now, but you should probably leave them at home when making a first impression. Loud accessories can be distracting and may cause your hiring manager or new boss to doubt your professionalism.

Lint Roll and Iron

Having nice business clothes is great, but if they’re always linty and wrinkled, what’s the point? If you look sloppy, your interviewer or new employer will definitely notice, so run a lint roller and iron over your clothes to get that clean, crisp look.

Err on the Side of Professional

If the company you’re interviewing with or just starting at has a business casual dress code, take caution. These days it seems like every business casual organization has its own interpretation of what business casual looks like. Err on the side of professionalism when you are interviewing and first starting out, and once you get a better idea of the organization’s dress expectations, you can adjust your wardrobe.

Making a good first impression is extremely important. Your attire plays a bigger role than you might think, so follow these tips to help ensure you’re dressed to impress.