Even though Valentine’s Day is now over, love still lingers in the air as we recount all of the things and people we love and appreciate.  Did your job make your list of Valentines this year?  If you’re not exactly sweet on your current employment situation, here are some tips on loving your job before you decide to break it off!

Challenge yourself.

Make sure that you don’t just meander through each daily task assigned to you.  That is fulfilling for no one; no wonder your relationship with your job is on the fritz!  Make sure you strive to maximize your potential not only in performing the tasks given to you, but by also talking to your superiors about growth opportunities. Striving towards goals is much more fulfilling, and you will be much happier.

Bond with your coworkers.

Work is a lot more pleasant when you have coworkers who you can joke with to break up the day, or who you know will have your back in a stressful situation.  Of course it is important to make sure your socializing doesn’t interfere with your work, but eating a sandwich in your cubicle for lunch every day and talking to no one makes for a very long, drawn out work day.  Join in on that office happy hour, hit up that new restaurant with your coworkers over lunch and make work fun!

Open lines of communication.

One of the biggest culprits of causing people to “fall out of love” with their jobs is a lack of communication between workers and their superiors when they start to have an issue. Are you growing disdain for your job because it’s been two years since you got a raise?  Does your current schedule not give you enough time with your family?  Are you aggravated by a certain process that you think could be executed better?  Bring these issues up to your boss instead of sitting in miserable silence.  Chances are they will be a lot more accommodating and receptive than you think.

Take a break.

In every relationship, it can be therapeutic to have a moment to yourself every once in a while.  Your job is no different.  Whether it is merely taking a ten minute break to clear your head and relax during the day, or using your vacation time to get away and spend time with friends and family, taking the occasional break from your job is an important part of not getting burnt out by it.

Be impactful.

It’s easy to lose enthusiasm or affection for something when you feel like your efforts don’t make a difference.  Sometimes it takes looking outside the duties assigned to our roles; think big picture and examine ways your talents could improve your department, or even your company as a whole.  You will find a new sense of devotion when you are making an impact at your job.

It is normal to have grievances with your 9-5 now and again, but if you focus on the tips above, your love-hate relationship with your job can be mended- no couples therapy needed!