Every four years, the calendar surprises us with a “Leap Day”, an extra 24 hours added to the end of the shortest month of the year. We don’t always have a February 29 to look forward to, so when we do, it feels like a shame to let it pass us by without making the most of it. 
Now, you could embrace the idea of using this time to “take a leap” by doing something absolutely bonkers, like literally leaping out of a plane to skydive for the first time.
However, back here on solid ground, a bonus day to work towards goals might be enough to make most of us jump for joy. Whether you’re gearing up for that additional day of February or just looking to break out of a job-related rut any time of the year, here are some ideas for how to use a professional leap day to propel your career forward: 

Reach Out to Someone

Have you lost touch with someone in your professional network? Have you been trying to build up the confidence to make first contact with a new connection? Now’s your chance to take a leap and reach out to someone you respect! Whether it’s started via a LinkedIn message, an email, a phone call or a hand-written letter (never underestimate the power of snail mail), you never know where one conversation might take your career. 

Learn Something New

Book that class, register for that webinar or order that book! Part of taking a leap means believing in yourself, and one way to get there is to invest in your own development. Continuous education is a great way to start carving out new opportunities for yourself in the future. Who knows? That class you start this leap year might just turn into a degree by the time February 29 comes around again! 

Take on a Challenge

Is there an obstacle facing your team that no one has taken ownership of solving quite yet? Does your organization give you opportunities to make an impact on teams outside of your everyday role? Ditch the “not my job” mentality and take on a new challenge, leap day leader! It pays to expand your comfort zone, and sometimes a fresh perspective is just the push that’s needed for overcoming a challenge. Open new doors by offering to create a plan of action for your team’s biggest stucks or asking your manager about opportunities to make a difference in a cross-functional role. 
There are always good reasons to take a professional leap! Whether you go for it once every four years or once every so often when you need to re-energize your goals, take a chance and see how it changes your career path. After all, even if you fail, at least you’ll have lessons to prepare you for the next leap of faith! 

Take a Look, Take a Leap!

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