Goodbyes can be bittersweet, but when it comes to parting with your job, perhaps you want to party your way out the door and never look back. No matter if you are leaving on good terms for a different opportunity, or if you secretly can’t wait to break up with your current job, here are some things to remember so you don’t burn bridges along the way:

Give notice.

It’s bad form to hand in your letter of resignation and run out the door. Giving notice is respectful to the processes and procedures of your employer. Provide them an opportunity to find a replacement and train him/her so their processes are not completely disrupted by your departure. Even though you might WANT to leave them hanging, don’t!

Be respectful.

You might have fifty names you want to call your supervisor before you part ways, but again, don’t. You might think it sounds fun to go out swinging, but others will perceive it as childish and unprofessional. Keep your cool and respectfully explain why it is your time to leave.

Be grateful.

Each experience is a learning experience, and for that you should be grateful. We grow from every opportunity we have, so express gratitude to your employer for allowing you to explore the industry and grow as a professional. Your supervisor will take notice, and you never know when down the road you might want their advice, partnership or even your previous position back.

Don’t badmouth.

You might think you’re in the clear; your old job is in the rear-view mirror, and you’re settling in with your new team. What’s the harm in venting about your old job, boss, coworkers, etc.?  Badmouthing your old job might make your current team wonder what you say/will say about THEM in the future, so if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Quitting your job can be messy business; don’t let a hasty or dramatic exit tarnish your reputation as a professional!