To say that 2020 has been a year defined by uncertainty would be an understatement. In the face of a global pandemic, we have all had to adapt to changing circumstances in our homes, our health and our jobs. The economic factor applies well beyond the millions who are currently dealing with the realities of unemployment. In fact, more than half of Americans polled in a recent Harris Poll indicate that they fear they may lose their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak. This overwhelming feeling of insecurity has led many to consider planning for something new – a career pivot. 
Making a career pivot means changing the direction of your current professional path. This includes taking on new job titles, moving into a new industry entirely or simply changing departments in your current place of employment. No matter what the pivot looks like, your ability to make a change will be heavily dependent on the skills you’re able to bring to the table. 
Specifically, the skills employers will be looking for are what are known as “transferable skills.” These are the kinds of skills that transcend any one particular role or industry and would be applicable to a wide range of work environments. Examples of transferable skills include leadership, communication and problem solving abilities. 
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