Every May and June, an influx of new graduates joins the workforce. Not only is it a huge learning adjustment for these new professionals, it can be a huge learning adjustment for their employers, too. Follow these tips for integrating new grads into your team this summer:

Set Expectations

New professionals have limited exposure to office life when they start a new job, so as an employer, it is important that you set expectations for work, dress code and behavior. Even more important than setting these expectations is properly communicating them. Have a sit down meeting with your new employee to explain these expectations and reiterate them if need be.

Include Them

Your new employees want to become members of your team rather than simple task masters, so make sure you are including them in team meetings, discussions or brainstorms. Furthermore, bring them to team lunches and invite them to social functions outside of the office. Build a camaraderie with these new graduates just like you would with a more experienced new employee.

Remember They are New Professionals

Walking into your first day on the job, you did not know everything about your profession or the ins and outs of office life. Respect the fact that these new graduates are in the same shoes you were once in, and become the support they need for a smooth transition. If they are making mistakes, offer your assistance and guidance instead of writing them off. If they are doing well, be sure to tell them. Keeping a level of understanding will help prevent frustration in yourself and your new employee.

Keep an Open Mind

There are many millennial stereotypes out there, some positive and some negative. As an employer of millennials, it is essential that you keep an open mind and not allow these stereotypes to cloud your opinion about your new employees. Every generation is different with something new to bring to the table, so be open to the changes and new perspectives of your recently graduated employees.

It is a time of change for both your team and new professionals, but maintaining a level of communication, camaraderie, understanding and open mindedness will not only help your newly graduated employees adjust, but your team, as well.