We’re knee-deep in the month of July, but fall semester will be here before you know it! Instead of working on your tan all day, you will want to start taking some time out of the sun to focus on your career. Yes, that is not nearly as fun as the pool, but what better way to launch into fall semester than having an internship lined up? Follow these tips for a successful internship hunt:

Do Your Research

Look at companies and not-for-profit organizations around your school that may have a need for interns in your field. Research to see if these organizations have had interns in the past, how many, what the interns did and etc. A good place to start would be gathering phone numbers from a good, ol’ fashioned Google search.

Find School and Alumni Connections

Your school probably has good relationships with many organizations in the area, so talk to a professor or an advisor in your college to see if they have any internship leads for you and if they can offer a recommendation. Furthermore, alumni from your school had to start off somewhere, so pick their brains on the places they have interned for in the past and try to make a connection. There is even a possibility that if you make a good enough impression, you school’s alumni might set you up with an opportunity within their current organization!

Talk to Trusted Mentors

After you have found your leads and made connections, you should talk to a trusted mentor within your field about your next steps. Have your mentor review your resume and cover letter and get job interview advice. You might learn a thing or two that could make your internship application stand out!

Spruce Up Social Media

Finally, it’s common knowledge that many hiring managers Google search potential candidates to get a sense of who the candidates are through their social media presence, so go through your profiles and delete inappropriate pictures and updates! For further measure, up the ante on your privacy settings. You wouldn’t want anything embarrassing to pop up on a potential internship supervisor’s radar!

Chances are, you have plenty of spare time this summer, so while you may want to spend all of it outside with your friends and family, you still need to remember that fall semester is coming.