You arrive to work, it’s dark; you leave work, it’s dark. It’s cold, and the skies are gray. Winter is almost here whether we like it or not, and the cold and darkness is undoubtedly starting to get to many. Millions of people across the country experience some form of Season Affect Disorder (SAD) or seasonal depression, and if the winter blues are starting to set in for you, there are things to do during the work day that can perk you back up. Follow our tips:

Stay Social

Interacting with your teammates can be a great pick-me-up. Take a five or ten minute break to grab some coffee with your office buddy or organize regular team lunches. Since the holidays are right around the corner, consider organizing a gift exchange or an office potluck, as well.

Go Outside

There truly is no substitute for natural light and fresh air. Yes, it’s chilly nowadays, but take a quick walk outside during lunch breaks, if weather permits. Sunshine and fresh air is the best medicine for the winter blues!

Make the Most of Your Down Time

Another great way to fight SAD at work is to stay active outside of the office. When you’re off the clock, visit the gym, spend time with friends and family and make time for fun holiday activities. If you’re happy outside of work, you will bring that happiness to the office with you.

Even though it’s technically still fall, it feels like winter for many! This season can be long and draining, so follow our tips to help you through. Spring will be here before we know it, right?

Do you have another tip for surviving the winter? Please share in the comments section!