It might seem weird that someone declared July as National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, but these days with personal technology galore, tech etiquette is important to keep in mind, especially at work. Follow these tips to help ensure your personal technology use doesn’t interfere with your or your coworkers’ productivity.
Set Your Cell Aside
At work, you are supposed to be working, not texting your friends about weekend plans. Your boss will not appreciate seeing you texting nonstop, so do yourself a favor, set your phone aside and only check it during breaks.
Put the Cell Phone on Silent
Ever have a cubicle neighbor whose cell phone kept buzzing and ringing all day long? Trust us, it can get old very quickly, so don’t be that person. Put your phone on silent out of respect for your workspace neighbors, because nobody really wants to hear your Britney Spears ringtone.
Stay Focused During Meetings
Tablets are very convenient for taking notes during a meeting, but make sure you are actually using it to take notes. Don’t scroll through Facebook or try to beat your Angry Birds high score; pay attention and be respectful to the person speaking.
Log Out
Social media is becoming a bigger and bigger distraction at work – so bad that some companies block the sites completely. If you company doesn’t have social media sites blocked, don’t abuse this privilege by sitting on them all day. During the work day, log off of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to avoid the temptation of checking your notifications.
Personal technology should never deter your productivity. In honor of National Cell Phone Courtesy month, follow these tips and make extra effort to be respectful of your boss, company and coworkers.