July is National Recreation Month, and that means a perfect excuse to get out of the cubicles and treat your team to some fun! Not only do outings show employees they are appreciated, they can also build camaraderie within your team by fostering bonds and allowing them the opportunity to get to know each other outside of their given roles in the office. Here are some fun recreational activities you could treat your team to!

Barbecues and Cookouts

Team outings don’t have to venture much further than your very own backyard! Fire up the grills and invite your team over for some burgers, bag toss and good conversation. Employees will appreciate your willingness to host them, and it will give them a laid back environment to share a few laughs and stories that don’t involve product reports and spreadsheets.

Sporting Events

Take advantage of these summer days and get your team out to a baseball game! Even if not all of your colleagues support the same sports team, it is still a fun experience to get out of the office and watch some sports while chowing down on hot dogs and nachos. What’s not to appreciate?

Learn something new.

Have a little fun, AND learn something new as a team! There are plenty of fun classes out there for groups and corporate activities, like drink mixing and cooking classes. Your team gets to bond, and now you know how to make pad tai?  Win win!

Get a little competitive.

A little competition can be a lot of fun! There are a ton of fun activities out there that put a unique spin on competitive activities for your team. Try out dodgeball on giant trampolines! Try your hand at whirlyball, a combination of lacrosse and bumper cars (if you’ve never heard of it, look it up)! You can choose activities where your teammates have some friendly competition with each other, or they can join together to compete against others. Get a company softball or volleyball team together and compete in your local leagues. Nothing like getting a little exercise, showing some company pride and bonding as a team!

As a leader, it is important to recognize and incentivize your employees and the hard work they do for you, so this July, treat them to a little recreation and fun with their teammates!