Often times considered one of the most dreaded parts of being a supervisor, letting an employee go is not exactly an easy task.  You know that great, jubilant feeling you get when you’re about to call and offer someone a position?  Well, take the opposite of THAT, and mix it with all of the technicalities of tact and legality, and that’s what you often times get when firing an employee.  Not the sunniest of topics, we know, but a necessary side of the employment coin to discuss.

As with every task, there is a right way and a wrong way of going about severing ties with members of your work force.  You don’t want your ex-employees sullying you or your company’s good name (the Internet can be a cruel, cruel place these days), or even worse, lawyering up and trying to nab you for some line of legality you may have tiptoed too far over.

In this CareerBuilder article “What to Know about Letting an Employee Go,” many tips have been outlined to ensure the firing process is as smooth as possible (and although likely not “pain-free,” as painless as possible as well!)  Do you have any tips on how to let employees go, the right way?

Keep It Quiet

Privacy, Please

It’s About Time

Quick and Painless