It’s New Years Eve! You know what that means; it’s time to make your 2013 resolutions! Losing weight and joining a gym are usually at the top of everyone’s lists, but what about you career? Whether you’re a job seeker or currently employed, add a resolution or two to help bolster your career in 2013. Here are some ideas:

Join a Professional Organization 

Professional organizations provide networking opportunities and help build a deeper knowledge about your respective field. Not only do these organizations help job seekers find job leads through meeting other professionals, they can also benefit the currently employed. Employed professionals can exchange best practices and bring new ideas back to their teams.

Work Smarter

Are you a job seeker, in a new position, or have you had the same job for a while? Regardless, take time in 2013 to learn how to do your job (even if your job is looking for a job) more efficiently. You never know; there could be an easier way to do an everyday task!

Learn New Skills

Whether they are in your field or not, learn new skills in 2013. Take a class or join a seminar about something practical that interests you. If you’re a job seeker, a diverse skill set will make you more interesting and marketable. If you’re currently employed, a diverse skill set will make you more valuable to your team and organization.

Document Accomplishments

You will accomplish a lot during 2013, so be sure to document it. Keep a running list of your accomplishments through out the year. As a job seeker, this list will give you good talking points in interviews. Then when you’re employed and that yearly performance review comes around, you will have something to show your boss while saying, “Look how much I did!”

Maintain Healthy Work-Life Balance

A healthy work-life balance is a goal for many Americans. In fact, it’s something many job seekers look for when applying for jobs. Working too much may burn you out and cause stress on the home front, while working too little will hurt your job performance and compensation. This year, make sure you find the work-life balance that best suits you and then maintain it.

Yes, personal health is important, but so is your career. This New Years, make career resolutions and put the time and effort into making them happen!

Happy New Year, everyone!