A long list blinks back at you from a dimly lit computer screen. Your eyes are feeling very heavy. Click, click, click; you mindlessly tap your mouse. The postings begin to blend together. As you count the number of potential applications, “2…3…4…” your eyes glaze over.
This is job board hypnosis.
After staring at a screen for hours at end and sifting through opening after opening, applicants can become blinded by the job boards. Landing the right job online can feel like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. To make matters worse, once you find an opportunity that seems promising, it can lead to a dead end or, worse yet, a potential scam!
Don’t let the daily grind of the digital search stop you from finding a new opportunity! Here’s how job seekers can avoid the noise and make good use of the job boards:
Every Board is Different
Pay attention to the rules and FAQ information when starting out on a new job board. Each page may have its own process for applying for positions, acceptable file types for uploading application materials and provide different types of job listings. Make sure to follow these guidelines to ensure that your application has its best chance of being reviewed.
Dig Deeper
While the major and most well-known boards may be a good place to start, there may be boards specific to your industry of interest available to you, too! Take some time to search for these more targeted job boards; not only will they be more suited to your area of interest, but they may include listings the other pages do not. Aside from large aggregate sites, individual companies may also have their own job boards, so it never hurts to investigate a company website for available opportunities.
Many job boards now offer alert functions for their users. After selecting a few fields, such as desired title or industry, you can elect to receive alert messages sent to a phone or email address when new listings match your search criteria. Automating the search process can save you a lot of time and will instantly compile similar job postings for you. However, keep in mind that relying solely on an automated search may lead you to miss opportunities that fall outside of the chosen criteria.
Check Dates
An incredible opportunity just came up on your search! But as quickly as the excitement came, it’s gone once you notice that the listing is dated months ago. As you feared, the position has already been filled and this is an outdated listing that should no longer be active. When it comes to job board listings, usually sooner is better than later. In fact, some boards may allow you to search by date listed, which could be helpful in weeding through dated posts.
Be Careful with Sensitive Information
Your resume says a lot about you. Sometimes, it can say too much. Unfortunately, along with the opportunity that online job searching provides, also comes a risk. Unwanted predators may be using listings to gather sensitive information from unwitting candidates. Personal addresses, social security and other sensitive details may be requested through communications on these boards. Never give out any personal information without first verifying the validity of any job posting.
The job boards may give us quick access to a wealth of job listings. However, they can also suck job seekers into a trance that can causes them to miss opportunities. When using the job boards on your search, be safe and use the tools at hand to empower your search!
Do you have any job board tips? Share them below!