In the middle of a lengthy job search, it can feel as though you need super powers to even land an interview. Super speed would be nice for filling out those twenty-page job applications, right? How about an invincible shield to deflect some of those rejection emails? And who wouldn’t want to be a mind reader when sitting down for a stressful interview?

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t superheroes, but that’s okay! Thankfully, there’s power in numbers. Heck, even Marvel’s Avengers need to team up every now and then! Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man – each hero has their individual strengths, but collectively they’re stronger when everyone lends their skills to support one another.

The same tactics for defeating interplanetary villains apply to finding a job! In order to super power your job search, here’s some characters to start recruiting for your career crew:

Captain Resume Review

This job search hero is no nonsense, practical and to the point. A do-gooder who goes by the book, your resume reviewer should have a keen attention to detail. When preparing your resume, you need to be sure that grammar mistakes, punctuation, formatting and everything in-between is error-free. Employers will notice even minor mistakes, and it’d be a shame for something silly to become a distraction. Team up with Captain Resume Review to tighten up your application materials!

The Incredible Friend

We have that one friend who is a bit…emotional. The Incredible Friend is your buddy who wears his or her heart on their sleeve. This is a person whose empathy knows no bounds. If they hear that you had a tough interview, they’re ready with open ears and kind words. Can they go overboard some of the time? Sure! That’s okay, because we all need to vent now and then. Don’t underestimate the value of having someone there to support you when you let all of that emotion out!

Role Player One

The role player on your team should be someone that can wear many faces. Sociable and able to adapt to any situation, these friends can help you to see your job search from every angle. Their skills are best used in job interview prep, where they can role play the part of an employer and ask you the tough questions. By taking on a test run of the interrogation with someone you trust, you’ll be more prepared when the real thing comes your way.

IT Man/Woman

The job search, like a lot of things, has undergone a digital transformation recently. Now that the entire application and interview process can literally take place over our personal devices, having a friend with experience using all of the latest tools can be incredibly helpful. There are a wide range of skills – including graphic design support, social media acumen, website design know-how, etc. – that can be invaluable when building your application materials.

Remember, having the heroic support of a group of trusted peers comes with great responsibility! The price of receiving this help is having to give back just as much. By forming lasting, meaningful connections with those in your network, you’ll not only be working your way to a new job, but you’ll be blazing a path to follow for the rest of your career.

Who would you have on your career crew? Share your job search avengers in the comments below!

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