“I am going to try to pay attention to the spring. I am going to look around at all the flowers, and look up at the hectic trees. I am going to close my eyes and listen.” – Anne Lamott

There’s an undeniable feeling of excitement and possibility tied to spring. After a long winter locked away inside, the amount of activity suddenly happening can quickly divert you attention. After all, with a new season comes new opportunities! When you are looking for a new job, spring means so much more than just melting snow and budding bouquets; this is the perfect season to pay attention to the progress you have made, refresh your application materials and prepare for a flurry of employer activity.

In fact, spring is prime time for most employers to visit career fairs and other informational events for anyone interested in learning about new opportunities. Get prepared for what the next few months will bring! Take a moment to shed that extra winter layer and check out our seven favorite ways to refresh your job search, just in time for spring cleaning:

  • Review your resume for any grammatical or design errors. Pay special attention to any potential spelling errors, mismatched fonts or outdated content.
  • Wardrobe check! Do you have clean, professional clothes to wear during interviews and at the office? Now is the time for a dry cleaning trip or to pick up something new.
  • A fresh haircut can re-energize you and add confidence to any job search!
  • Make sure you are following up appropriately on any outstanding applications.
  • Check online profiles (LinkedIn, job boards, etc.) to make sure your listed information is correct, including: contact details, work experience, employment status, etc.
  • Clear out  that email clutter. There’s nothing worse than missing an important email about a job opportunity due to a messy inbox.
  • Enjoy the weather! Walks, jogs, bike rides – you name it.  Adding short, physical breaks throughout the day can boost energy and improve mood, especially if you are able to step away from your regular work station for a change of pace.

Don’t just scrub and shine your home, take some time to spring clean your job search this season! Do you have any spring cleaning ideas for job seekers? Share your ideas in our comment section!