From Our Recruiters: Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Every job seeker makes a little mistake at one point in his/her search, but some job seekers make big mistakes that end up costing them the job. We asked some of our recruiters about weird missteps they have seen job candidates make, and they had plenty to say! Take a look at some of these gaffes below, and learn from these stories, so you are not tempted to make similar mistakes.

Inappropriate Email Addresses

One of our recruiters mentioned all of the inappropriate email addresses she sees listed on resumes. If your email address is, you might want to reconsider if you want to be taken seriously as a job seeker. 

Poor Research

As you know, it’s very important to research the organization before you interview. A recruiter told a story about a phone screen with a candidate who was stumped on a question about the organization. He hung up mid-interview on the recruiter to research the answer. He called her back (acting like he had phone problems) after researching the wrong company’s website. Again, always research the company – the right company – beforehand.

Taking Rejection Poorly

Another recruiter told us about how she has had a decent amount of job candidates yell and swear at her when she informs them they were not chosen for a position. We have always been told to never burn bridges, and the same goes for the job hunt. Yes, being rejected is hard, but you don’t want to ruin one of your network connections. You never know who your recruiter knows, so be respectful and graceful if you are rejected from a position.

Failing to be Honest and Flexible

When seeking a job through a recruiter, you need to be honest and flexible with your schedule. A recruiter told us that he has run into numerous candidates who he told the working hours are between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and the candidates said it was no problem. When it’s time to interview, some of these candidates then say they can’t work past 5 p.m., and when they are rejected, they call a week later saying they can now do 8 p.m. Needless to say, these candidates still didn’t get the job, but they might have if they were open and honest from the get go. Always be honest and flexible about your availability to avoid these messes!

Sometimes the easiest way for people to learn a lesson is through other people’s mistakes, so take notes and remember these job seeker blunders to help you avoid similar pit falls.

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