Follow-Up Flubs

Medix Recruiter Cheat Sheet: Follow-Up Flubs

Searching for a job requires a good memory. From tips for navigating online job boards, to resume formatting guidelines, to interview faux paus, there is a lot of information to remember! That’s why we’re spending this week sharing our recruiters’ top tips for job seekers in three common areas of concern: resume errors, follow-up flubs and interview missteps. Welcome to Medix’s Recruiter Cheat Sheet series! Each day, we’ll share an easy to save list of top reminders straight from the source.

Once you get rolling on your job search, applying for multiple positions and making contact with a variety of companies and employees, the list of people you will need to keep in touch with can be overwhelming. Additionally, each employer has their own unique hiring processes and follows a wide range of industry calendars. Unfortunately, a mistake in keeping in touch can make you seem disinterested and unreliable as a candidate.

With that in mind, consider these top tips from our recruiters for keeping track of your application status with potential employers:

  • Respond to all contact from a potential employer within 24 hours.
  • Write down names, email addresses and other contact details from each potential employer that has received your application materials, and make this information easy to access.
  • Whenever possible, repeat the names of people you meet and always introduce and reintroduce yourself, as well.
  • When in doubt, open communications with a more formal tone, then follow your contact’s lead for transitioning into a more comfortable, informal tone.
  • Communicate with potential employers using their preferred method of contact; for example, if an employer left you a voicemail message, follow-up using the phone in kind.
  • Set expectations around follow-up before the end of an in-person or phone interview. This can help to avoid ambiguous timelines.
  • Once a follow-up timeline is established, do your best to stick to it! There is a fine line between persistent and pesky.
  • Maintain a calendar listing each interaction you have had with employers; this will help you to keep track of available opportunities and stay in touch on a regular basis.
  • Send a “Thank You,” follow-up message to anyone you meet with in-person or talk to over the phone during an interview; it shows professionalism, passion for the position and will make you stand out.

Don’t fall victim to a follow-up flub! Use this handy cheat sheet to better keep track of and keep in with touch all of the people you meet along your job search.

Do you have another tip for staying in touch with employers? Share them below! And stayed tuned for part three in our Recruiter cheat Sheet Series – interviews!

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