Mistakes to Avoid when Using Online Job Boards

With many of us using the Internet for every facet of our lives, from getting a degree to ordering a pizza, it’s no surprise, it’s no surprise hearing that millions job seekers have turned to online job boards at some point during their search. Job boards may seem like a one-stop-shop for open opportunities, but there are several pitfalls you will want to avoid while applying for these open positions online:

Sending Generic Resumes and Cover Letters

With so many open job opportunities at your fingertips, it might be tempting to try to apply to them all at once with a generic resume and cover letter. Don’t fall in that mindset! The same rules apply for job boards; only send customized resumes and cover letters. Having all kinds of open jobs in one spot is a huge perk of job boards, but that does not mean you need to apply to them all at once. Take your time and put thought into each application.

Applying for Job You’re Not Qualified for 

Applying for jobs you’re unqualified for just because they’re in front of you is really easy to do when using job boards. You might be thinking, ‘it can’t hurt,’ but in fact, you’re wasting the hiring manager’s and your own time, so use a discerning eye when clicking through the open jobs.

Not Recognizing Your Competition

Job boards level the playing field for job seekers, and it is important to recognize this fact. Many other job seekers saw that posting you just clicked on and sent in their resume, too. With that in mind, it’s important you really consider how you can stand out to the hiring manager when he/she is sifting through hundreds of applications.

Relying Only on Job Boards

Job boards are a great tool in the job search, but they should never become your only tool. While job seeking, continue to grow your network and think outside of the box. Think of job boards as a way to supplement your search. You will find that having several different strategies up your sleeve is a more efficient use of your time and efforts.

There are many good things about job boards, but there are also opportunities to fall in some major job board traps. So stay aware of these potential mistakes and start looking for your dream job!

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  1. When you are looking for a job i dont think applying for a Job that you are not Qualified for is a mistake, i have heard many times that people where taken becouse of their background and previous jobs and slowly being taught for the position they got hired. So yes it can be a mistake but also you could do a research on that is there a posibility to learn or get the skills needed to be qualified for that position.

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