Tips for Staying Organized in the Job Hunt

Have you submitted dozens of applications and shaken hands with countless professionals? How are you keeping track of all of this? Staying organized during the job search is more important than you would think. Otherwise, you run the risk of mixing up companies, mistaking hiring managers’ names and worse, missing interviews and appointments. Follow our tips for staying organized:

Set Up a Workspace

Simply setting up your own workspace for your job search will help you keep everything together and organized. Make sure it is away from distractions, like a television, and equipped with things you will need, like a printer. Other ideas of things you should keep on hand in this workspace are thank you notes, address and return address labels, your work portfolio and various documentation you might need to have available.

Make a Spreadsheet

Make yourself a spreadsheet to keep track of the jobs you have applied for. When keeping track of these jobs, include the specific job title, the name of the hiring manager and the date you applied. As you continue through the interview process, add in names of other company employees you might have talked to and dates you have interviewed. It might seem like a complicated process, but when you receive a call from a hiring manager, and you can’t remember which company he/she is from and when you last talked, you will be very grateful to yourself that you wrote it down!

Create Job Search Folders

In your email and documents folders, create separate areas for your job search. Within your job search document folders, create more folders for things like your portfolio, different versions of your resume and even information different companies. As for your email, keep a paper trail by hanging on to every email exchange with different hiring managers.

Follow a Schedule 

Keeping yourself on a schedule during the job hunt is useful in many ways. First of all, it’s not a good idea to job search for 12 hours a day, so allotting time for other things in your day will help you avoid job search burn out. How many times have you caught yourself spending more time than needed staring at your phone or constantly refreshing your email, waiting to hear back from a hiring manager? Needless to say, this is time that could be better spent, and keeping a schedule will also help you become more productive.

Staying organized during the job search takes a little effort, but if you follow our tips and keep yourself on track, you will be glad you did!

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