Although graduating college is an incredible milestone amidst a life-long journey, recent graduates are eager to start working in a competitive job market. Unfortunately, graduating with a particular degree doesn’t guarantee a career in your field; it takes hard work and accountability to land yourself any job. Sure, relaxing after graduation is nice for a little while, but eventually anxiety will creep up, along with those student loans! The transition from student to “real adult” rids you of exams, note-taking and grades, but it also means entering the real world. How exactly do people make that transition smoothly? Here are some first steps to take in order to enter the workforce successfully:
Create a Vision
What motivates you? Do you strive to find purpose through your career? If so, what are you doing to achieve this goal? Creating a long-term vision for your career will help answer these questions. Daily to-do lists are beneficial but it’s also important to have a plan for the future. Try to set goals for the next six months, five years and even the next decade. To ensure you are following through with these long-term goals, set mini-milestones along the way; small accomplishments can lead to big things!
Don’t Wait to Dig in
If you didn’t start applying for jobs during your last year of college, it’s time to start searching today! Jumping on applications early is the best way to get your foot in the door and enhance your professional network. The longer you wait, the more likely someone else will snag a job opportunity that awaits. To avoid uncertainty, start early!
Choose Wisely
Take advantage of being born into what others have dubbed the ‘selfish generation’ and truly think about the opportunities you seek in a job after graduation. Whether you strive for personal development, continued learning experiences or a place to nurture the start of a new career path, make sure you’re looking at companies that fit your requirements. Applying to a variety of jobs will certainly help your odds, but quality must always be a priority above quantity. When you land an interview, be sure to take initiative and discuss what exactly your role will look like. After all, millennials strive to be challenged and make a true impact at their job; make sure this role does that for you!
Socialize, Online and Off
Like it or not, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media profiles play a role in vetting new hires. The tip to clean up social media is key for any new candidate. Another reason why you should pay particular attention to your online presence is networking. Use LinkedIn connections as much to your advantage as you can, but it doesn’t have to stop at your profile. Have friends or parents search to see if they have any connections that you can utilize! Also, don’t limit your social abilities to just social media. A huge knock to our generation is our lack of interpersonal communication skills so practice and always strive to build meaningful connections!
Stay Positive
Because the job hunt is so time consuming and can get discouraging, it’s crucial to sustain a positive attitude! Accept obstacles and challenges as learning lessons. You are one in millions of recent college graduates, and that can be scary; it can also be comforting. You are not alone in the job search conundrum!
Finding a job after college is like a job in itself. Take the job search process seriously and it will make landing your dream job a whole lot easier. Have any advice on steps to take in order to find a job? Share them below:

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