Phone interviews are scary for several reasons, but one of the biggest being the lack of nonverbal communication. How can interviewers read your interest in a job if they can’t see you? To make up for this void, follow these tips about little things you can do during a phone interview:

Print Out Your Resume, Job Description and Notes

Having a physical copy of your resume, the job description and your notes in front of you is a great way to keep your conversation on track. This will help make the call go smoother, as you will stay on topic and cover all the points you want to cover.

Make the Call from a Quiet Place

Don’t let distractions derail your phone interview. Take the call in a quiet place, preferably at home, because the more controlled the space you’re calling from, the less room for distractions and unanticipated events.


Smiling while you’re speaking during a phone interview is one of the easiest ways to make a good impression. If you smile while you speak, you will bring energy and excitement to the phone interview – and trust us, your interviewer will notice!

Say Thanks Quickly

Since there’s no traveling after a phone interview, you should send a thank you note immediately after you hang up. Your conversation and excitement is still fresh in your mind, so don’t hesitate to reiterate different points and convey your interest. Your interviewer will take notice and remember your attention to detail.

Phone interviews are tricky – no doubt about it – but preparation and enthusiasm will help you stand out from the crowd and attain that ultimate goal of a face-to-face meeting.