Yes it’s true; it’s the little things that can help you stand out, especially in your job search! Detail-oriented people in the job market are always in high demand. Here are some little things you can do to help set yourself apart from your competition while interviewing for a job:

Follow-Up Promptly

Following-up promptly may seem like common sense, but too many job candidates don’t think about it. When a recruiter or hiring manager calls or emails you, be sure to call or email back promptly. Unless you have a good excuse, like traveling, failing to follow-up within 24 hours can make you seem disinterested and lazy.

Tidy Appearance

You’ve dug your interview suit out of your closet; chances are it could use some ironing and a good lint roll. This may seem trivial, but walking in a job interview looking disheveled can give your interviewer a poor first impression of you.

Firm Handshake

You’ve probably heard this a lot, but a firm handshake really is important. A good handshake shows confidence and professionalism. You wouldn’t want to turn off the hiring manager from something seemingly little, like a handshake.

Eye Contact

You can’t put a price tag on good eye contact during a job interview! Like a firm handshake, good eye contact shows you’re confident and interested in what your interviewer is saying. Try to add in a few smiles and nods to show further interest, too; your interviewer will take notice.

Sending a Thank You Note

This may also seem like “Interviewing 101,” but you always need to send a thank you note after a job interview. Your interviewer took time out of his/her busy day to talk to you, so it’s appropriate to thank them. This is another detail some job seekers forget. Thank you notes take little time to write well, and they can make a world of difference.

Hiring managers love candidates who are detail-oriented, so if you remember these little details during the interview process, you have a good chance of becoming a front runner for your dream job!