This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day. When the temperature rises, there’s no denying the positive power of enjoying a cone, cup or, let’s be honest, an entire tub of frozen goodness. In honor of this icy-sweet celebration, we’re sharing lessons about the job search, as told by some of our favorite ice cream flavors:
Cookie Dough
An all-time classic, cookie dough ice cream is amazing because it’s a mashup of two great things: cookies and ice cream. Just like that uncooked dough scattered throughout every bite, your career is still unfinished…and that’s a good thing! The potential of the opportunities ahead of you can be just as sweet (or even better) as something you’ve already completed.
Rocky Road
Job searching can be as rocky as rocky road ice cream, with hard-to-chew bits sharing space with the easy-to-chew ones. Never-ending questions about research, networking, professional goals, and interviewing are enough to cause anyone to swerve off of the job search trail. By taking it step-by-step and focusing on the end game, the road taken will be a lot less rocky. And, when the going gets tough, enjoying a gallon of the undeniably delicious ice cream won’t hurt!
Mint Chocolate Chip
Stay cool! Just like everyone’s favorite green-colored ice cream, you must remain cool, calm and collected throughout the process – even if you feel anxiousness creeping in. Take your time to thoroughly review your options. When the time is right, capitalize on opportunities that you feel will further your career path, but don’t jump at every offer that seems attractive.
Let’s face it, endlessly scrolling through pages of job openings can leave you feeling like you’re eating plain vanilla ice cream; in other words, bored. However, even boring old vanilla ice cream can teach us a valuable lesson! When things get tasteless and repetitive, get creative! Vanilla ice cream is a base, the starting point, for endless possibilities of delightful treats. Even the most mundane seeming job search tasks can set you up for exciting opportunities. Try mixing it up by joining industry groups with a variety of focus, exploring volunteer opportunities or attending professional networking events.
All the Toppings
There are infinite ways to decorate a crafty ice cream cone, from sprinkles and whipped cream, to chocolate fudge and gummy bears! There are also endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a career path. By exposing yourself to a variety of potential job opportunities, you are not only expanding your professional network, but also gaining a broader understanding of the opportunities available to you. Go on different types of interviews, explore careers you’ve never considered and immerse yourself into the vastness of the job search world!
Enough talk; go get yourself a tub of ice cream and enjoy! Have some additional job search advice for summer seekers? Feel free to share below: